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Json Migrate-How to…

Para poder realizar de manera correcta una migracion a traves de JSON debemos realizar cambios en la configuracion de este dependiendo de los datos que se desean migrar. Primeramente debemos efectuar cambios sobre los campos:

  1. Id
  2. Source

El Id como contenedor de las referencias o valores y Source como la fuente de los valores que queremos recolectar.

Entity Reference FAPI -- Is it Possible?

In a recent client project (most of my good ideas come from solving client problems), I had the dilemma of exposing an entity reference with-in a standard Drupal FAPI form. It needed to have auto complete functionality to search for a Commerce Product by SKU. I pieced together a solution from nuggets found in several blog and groups.drupal.org posts and from entityreference module.

Git Skinny

I like Git way better than all the alternatives. I learn more things about it all the time. Even today, I wondered if there was an easier way to create nicely named patches automatically; and there is. Here's a run down of the more common tips and tricks I've learned.

  • git init .

    Create a git repo.

  • git add .

    (Adds all files recursively into git.

  • git add -u

    (only adds or "stages" removed/changed files.

Help 4 OK

I had a wonderful chance to partake in an impromptu code sprint at DrupalCon Portland to help with the recovery of Moore, OK. I learned a lot; but more importantly I got to help with something that will have lasting impact on people recovering from the devestation of the recent tornado. At one point, there were 60 developers all hacking together on the same website. Right at 24 hours of development the site was launched. Features-wise, it met the immediate need and provided people involved in the recovery process a means to locate housing and ride-share into and out of the area.

Media Block for Parent-Child Entities

Here's the requirements. You have a parent-child relationship (one-to-many) between two content types. There are three media related fields on these content types. Your assignment is to display the first populated field in a block for a panels managed page.

Simple Site-wide Contact Form

If you want a real simple site contact form without a lot of extra work, here's something to try on for size.

Facet API Hash Alter

On a recent project using apachesolr and facetapi I ran into an issue placing the facet blocks using context. We have a fairly typical dev, stage, prod setup. Each of the environment have different solr servers. Facet API uses the environment name or in its parlance, "searcher" as apart of the block hash. That causes an issue because every time you switch environments, the block hash changes and context breaks.

Apache Solr and External (non-Drupal) Content

In a recent project, we had some non-Drupal content that needed to be indexed so we could expose that content to the apachesolr module for indexing with all the rest of Drupal created content. There are several options to do this, including crawling using nutch. However in our case, the content is grabbed as xml content from a web service. We already ha an xslt transform to convert it into html content to embed in the site.

Selenium, phpunit & Drupal

I was on a project recently where I wrote tests using Selenium for a Drupal site. I chose Selenium over Drupal's SimpleTest to achieve greater cross-browser support. To get started, you'll need to install PHPUnit and PHPUnit_Selenium. For my example, you'll also want to install Jenkins customized for PHPUnit and Apache Ant. Of course, don't forget to download Selenium IDE for Firefox, selenium-server-standalone-2.x.x.jar and the PHP Formatter for Selenium IDE.

Varnish - Basic Install

Install varnish per your platform's standard install method. I installed it on a debian based system so I just ran 'sudo apt-get install varnish'.
You'll now need to provide a varnish configuration & vcl that is customized for Drupal. There are some options that should be set when you start the daemon.

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